Paper Lung


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( Intro/Verse: Bm )
(Its variations on Bm , so just listen for it)

It's too late, it's too late now 
To pry away, to pry away 

The candle burns on both ends so where does it leave us? 
Standing emptier than we ever left you 
With your head in the water its getting harder to breathe 
So stand up, stand up 

( Biss: Em   G   Bm )

It's too late to pry away 

(Verse 2: Bm )

Don't get me wrong, I'm just as scared as you are now 
They dropped us off here with no direction 
But you never even tried to fight the current 
Watch the water pouring faster into your lungs 
So breathe in, breathe in 

( Biss 2: Em   G  Bm )

It's too late to pry away  

( Bridge pt 1: Bm )
( Bridge pt 2: F# G )
( Bridge pt 3: Bm Em {octave up} Bm )

But it's hard to hear me when you're sinking in here 
I wanna see you wash it down, wash it down 
How can you sleep here 
I bear the weight of your world 
I don't believe in a single word you sold to me, sold to me 
I bear your burden for the last time 
I swear I'm done with all of this 

( Last Biss: F# G G- - Bm G- - Bm )

It's too late to pry away from the undertow 
I watch it take you then I walk away

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