Richard Marx
Tom: Gm
Intro: Gm//F Bb/// Cm/// Gm///}

My [Gm]mother came to Hazard when I was just seven
Even then then folks in town said with [Bb]prejudiced eyes
That [C]boy's not right
[Gm]Three years ago when I came to know Mary
First time that someone look beyond the [Bb]rumours and the lies
And [C]saw the man inside
{c:Chorus 1}
     We [Eb]used to walk down by the [Bb]river
     She [Eb]loves to watch the sun go [Gm]down
     We [Eb]used to walk along the [Bb]ri.... [Gm]ver
     And [F]dream our [Eb]way out of this [Gm]town
{c:Play intro}

[Gm]No one understood what I felt for Mary
No one cared until the night she went out [Bb]walking all alone
And n[C]ever came home
[Gm]Man with the badge came knocking next morning
Here was I surrounded by a thousand [Bb]fingers suddenly 
Po[C]inting right at me
{c:Chorus 2}
     I [Eb]swear I left her by the [Bb]river
     I [Eb]swear I left her safe and [Gm]sound
     I [Eb]need to make it to the [Bb]ri.... [Gm]ver
     And l[F]eave this [Eb]old Nebraska [Gm]town

     [F]Thinking about my [Eb]life going by
     [Bb]How it's done me wrong
     [F]There's no es[Eb]cape for me this time
     [Bb]All of my rescue are [F]gone,	long [Gm]gone
{c:Guitar Break}
{c:Chorus 2}
{c:(Fade to end...)}
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