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Black Eyes


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He knows no shame 
     A             Bm 
And takes no blame 
This simpleton 
Sees everything 
He's only satisfied 
          A                   Bm 
To point out other's mistakes 
Never afraid 
To use his pride 
D        A       Bm 
His tradition is old 
                     G            A 
His faith a hand-me-down the family 
He wears them on his sleeve 
            A             Bm 
Morale and values left under a christmastree 
He once had the gift 
A                            A D 
This image in his grandparents eyes 
    A         Bm       E       G 
No guns, no drugs, no rape, no end 
             D       A        Bm 
This vacant soul is pale and blue 
          G                    A                  D 
In empty gaze his crow's feet are a vision of defeat 
          A            Bm 
Sick and tired of the meaninglessness 
    G                 A                    A D       A   Bm 
The irrationale he's desensitized his every need and emotion 
A cup half empty 
     A              A D              A       Bm          E       G 
But full of euphoria he's searching for the light switch in the dark 
To switch his routine 
To find a reason 
         D      A   G    A   G  
To find faight and piece of mind 
             D A  G  A    G 
When one to many beliefs die 
               D     A      G     A     D G D G D E G A 
It's tough to see through these black eyes 
D               G 
Everyone forgives 
D              G 
Everyone forgets 
D              E      G                A 
Everyone is true and no one here will lie to you 
D    A         Bm 
He knows the truth 
     E         G 
He knows the truth 
Here nothing's certain 
Disregard what you've learned 
         D     A   G    A   G  
To find faith and piece of mind 
              D    A    G    A   G 
All of thier gods died with his peace 
               D   A    G   A     D 
I should know him that heathen?s me 
GI  = (D C# D D A Bm G A) 4x   -    D C# D D - Bm A G 
GII = (A A F# G A Bm G A) 4x   -    A A F# G 

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