Kellie Pickler

Girls Like Me

Kellie Pickler

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Capotraste 2ª casa

Tom: G

I gave away my first real kiss
In the rain on a Friday night
To the star of the football team
Underneath the stadium lights
Em                  D             C
I cried the day he told me he was movin' on
Em                     D
And I swore I'd never love again
All summer long

G                              D              C
I can still smell the blossoms of those sweet Magnolia trees
G                           D              C
I can still hear the Bible stories that my grandma used to read
Em                           D               C
As years fly by, I'm still the same inside as I used to be
G                    D           G
I guess there ain't no changing girls like me

I rode with grandpa in his pickup truck
Standin in the front seat
Had my arm around his shoulder
I was his little diamond store queen
We listened to all those songs playin on the radio
Now I lay in bed and wonder
Where did all those days go

D         C               G
I want to settle down but I need to be free
Em         D
I might be afraid to fall
But I've still got a dream (2x)

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