Kellie Pickler

Dont You Know Your Beautiful

Kellie Pickler

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Capotraste 1ª casa

Tom: G

G                                  F                           C
Hey little girl with your tangled hair, your tattered clothes, 
 G                                                F         C
You're fifteen and you're about to bloom just like a rose. 
            Em                              D
You’re wishing that you had designer jeans 
              G                        C
Like the ones you see in magazines. 
Now I know you’d give anything just to fit in 
But your worth ain't on a price tag, it comes from within. 

  G                                 C
Don’t you know you’re beautiful? 
  Am                               D
Don’t you know you’re beautiful? 
  G                                  Em
Don’t you know you’re beautiful? 
 F                        D
Just the way you are! 

Verso 2:
Hey there little homecoming queen in that back seat. 
I’ll bet his brown eyes are promising you everything! 
And I know you want to be just like your friends, 
But he’ll still love you if you don’t give in. 
But if those girls were being honest that have been where you're at, 
I’d bet they’d tell you they wish they had their innocence back. 


Base Solo: F C G C
           Am C G D

So if he left you for a girl that could be your twin 
If you were 28 again, 
 Em                       D                    C
Let him go, let him fly, keep your head up, 
Get on with your life! 

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