James Blunt

Give Me Some Love

James Blunt

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Tom: [Am]

[Am] Me and my [C] guitar play my [F] way
It makes them [E] frown
But little [Am] pieces by the [C] highway
[F] bring me [E] down
Mine is [Am] not a heart of stone
I am [C] only skin and bone
And [F] those little pieces are little [E] pieces of my own

Why don’t you [C] give me some love
I’ve taken a [E] shipload of drugs
I’m so [F] tired of never fixing the [G] pain
[C] Valium said to me, I’ll take you [E] seriously
And we’ll [F] come back as someone [G7] else
Who’s [F] better than yourself  [+Today - last chorus only]

Many [Am] faces at the [C] doorway [F] all hang [E] around
Watch me [Am] fighting in the [C] hallway but [F] make no [E] sound
So I’m [Am] standing all alone, and I’m [C] only skin and bone
So many [F] faces but they all [E] look out for their own

[repeat Chorus] x2

And [Am] some day [C] soon they’ll [Am] drop the [Dm] bomb
and [F] let it all out. [G] Someday.
I know that [Am] someday [C] soon
we’ll [Am] all be gone so [Dm] let it all out
[F] Let it all out [G] today
And [C] give me some [F] love
Yeah, [C] give me some [F] love
Come on, [C] give me some [F] love [C] today

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