Tenacious D

Low Hangin Fruit

Tenacious D


Tom: F#
Intro: (F#5 A5) 2x

F#5                              A5      
Well me and Kage are hungry 
F#5                              A5
We're hungry for some fruit
F#5                              A5
We wander through the garden
F#5                              A5
It would be a hoot

            B   A       F#5
To eat some low hanging fruit
           B   A     F#5
We're on a freaky pursuit
              B                     A                      F#5        
Don't want no high class model in designer fucking bathing suit
            B   A       C#
We want the low hanging fruit

Intro: (F#5 A5) 2x

Me and Kage are horny 
Looking for a snack
Looking for a plump one
With a tasty crack

We want some low hanging fruit
She wears a bee keeper suit
She got the shit kickin boots
We need the low hanging fruit

She got the flip flops on with hot red potatoes
And a butt floss thong with fried green tomatoes
        B5                                      C#5
And she loves the song we sing for the ladies c'mon!

(F#5 A5) 4x

Low hanging fruit
She wears a pink parachute
She got the fly tattoo and the honky tonkin' daisy dukes
We love the low hanging fruit

We got the high class voodoo not gonna fuck me
But the low class voodoo sweet chunky monkey
When you smoke that bood it smell like a skunky c'mon!


(F#5 A5) 3x

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