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Dolly Rocker

Syd Barrett

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Tom: A
Intro:  A   D   C   D   C   A


A        D     C                                        A
I know a sweet girl, she done went out and paid for me,

         D     C
then the sweet girl, after five we went for tea.

She's seen a dolly rocker, she want a girl she got her,

I want to see her I know I do,

I love you darling all for you.

A                D C
You want to meet pearl?  Shes's as cute as a squirrel's nut, 

she done see me, said she thought she got the lot.

She's a dolly rocker, I want to wait till I got her,

said she knew I know we know I do,

said she gotta see me lonely with you.

D                   E
  Oceans may travel away so long,

A                     B
senses in the gravel, to see yourself in home,

nice to be at home.

A   C            D
All I'll ever be forever, all my life you see when you got her,

      F#             C9       B
all I know, I know I show you baby, 

through your head push to you baby,

is a dolly rocker.

She know what she got her,

she seen a dolly rocker,

she seen a dolly rocker,

Mmm mmm hmm hmm

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