Son of Dork

My Best Friend

Son of Dork


Tom: G

G                      Caad9   D    
Theres this girl who i like
G                     Cadd9    D
Shes looking pretty fine
G                     Cadd9    D
theres just one problem ive got
G                      Caad9    D
she's seeing my best friend

Em                 G
im thinking its impossible 
Em                 G
for him to be with her
Em                    D
Look at him over there with my girl

( Same as verse one)
Im to scared to go talk
i see her in school
theres her new boyfriend showing off
flirting with over girls

(Same as Chorus)
i wish that this was all a dream
with him, me and her 
look at him over there with my girl

G                   Caad9       D
Im half way through detention 
She's walking down the hall 
She turns left and in my class
Ill ask her on a date

G   Cadd9 D
G   Cadd9 D
Em   D   C  G
Em  D   C  G
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