Son of Dork

Murdered In The Mosh

Son of Dork


Tom: Eb

Eb                            Bb
This song goes out to all the fakers
You all know who you are
   Cm      Bb     Eb
It started with a girl
Eb                          Bb
Kept turning her nose up at my band
Eb                      Cm               Bb
She's into Yellow Card, Blink and Simple Plan

(It's so pathetic)

She's into Jane's Addiction
F            B
But she don't know their songs
    G#m    B            G#m       C#            F
And I fall over laughing when she tries to sing along
F               B
She thinks that she's so "emo"
F                B
Next week she'll be a "goth"
G#m      B
It all amounts to nothing
G#m     C#                 F
She gets murdered in the mosh

(same chords as first verse)
One night I crashed at her apartment
Her Sonic Youth cd's were nowhere to be seen
Instead, all I found was a letter
Her correspondence with some pop star magazine


Ebm                          Bbm
Sometimes I wonder what goes on inside her mind
Bbm      Ebm
When she said she though
Ebm                     Bbm
Dave Grohl had died and Kurt Cobain was still alive
Ebm                          Bbm
Just go to concerts that you love
Bbm                             F
Cos there's no shame in liking Backstreet Boys


[to do this part, do chords of verses)
(This song goes out to all the fakers
Out to the critics and haters
This song goes out to all the fakers
You all know who you are)

Give it up
Your friends will find out
Now or later
Time for change
Just be yourself
Dont be a faker
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