(bar all the chords during the verse for the real sound) 
  Em      Am         G         D        
Call it obsession, call it fanatical 
    Em         Am      G        D  
I am not trying to make this a spectical 
  Em             Am              G         D            
But I have this craving that justifies behaving 
  Em          Am          G      D  
I really need some of that... 
(chorus 1x) 
(verse 2) 
 Em    Am      G        D  
ooh cappachino double expresso 
 Em           Am    G              D 
I need something with a really big kick 
 Em              Am       G               D 
you ask me 'bout creamer you ask me 'bout sugar 
 Em              Am            G       D          
I tell ya those things make me sick.          (chorus 2x) 
  A      E  F#       A                    E  F#    D 
In my ooh ooh ooh good coffee, strong coffee, eeh eeh 
 A         E          F#   D          A          E  F#    D A        
I need to have some, ooh ooh good coffee strong coffee ee 

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