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From: TomWB*
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 1995 14:06:26 -0500


(Aka "the theme from Pulp Fiction.")

Fiction soundtrack introduced another generation to the tune.  In fact,
version largely defined the surf sound.  He played it on Fender outboard
spring reverb tank (along with a classic Stratocaster through a 1961 Showman
setup).  The original folk tune has lyrics, but -- as you surely know -- surf
couple of spots.

apparently learned to speed-pick from his Lebanese uncle, who played an oud

than it appears here, especially in the lower ranges.  StratoCossack
attributes tuning and/or recording flukes to the '62 version, however.  Later
recordings and observationos at live performances bear out the approach set
forth here, which resolves in E and puts exactly two octaves between the
first and second guitar passages.  If you want to mimic the '62 sound, trying
bumping up the first guitar passage, on the low E string, by a semi-tone.

Tabbed:  Tom W. Bell , 1995 (with "Team Cowabunga," esp.
StratoCossack, helping with the lead guitar, and Rick Weber helping with the

h --> hammer-on (and, sometimes, play in same beat)
p --> pull-off (aka hammer-off) (and, sometimes, play in same beat)
s --> slide

(Piano trills continue for 3 measures)
(base and rhythm continue for 3 more measures)

Repeat high E-string guitar passage, with piano embellishments.

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