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Deborah Blando

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Tom: A

A			  B
The sky hides what I wanna see
	 E				   A
Stars are like eyes, they're watching the dark
A			     B
Passion and fear run all over me
	 E		    A
Night is a ghost accusing my heart
C#m				B
This life can be such a lonely place
		E	    A
I hear the laughter as I fall from grace, I fall from grace
 B			 A			 E
Now I am branded with original sin, world without end

E			B
Who's gonna fight for innocence
	 A			 E
When we're always denying the proof?
E			   B
Who's gonna fight for justice
 A				  E
When we wash our hands of the truth
A		          B
Like to go back to a simple life
	  E			  A
Be as a child in the Promised Land
A					 B
Wish I could sleep when night comes over me
	 E				 A
Dreaming of flowers falling out of my hands
	  C#m			   B
But I'm woken by the cries of an angry crowd
	    E				 A			 
Against a man whose love could save me now, oh, save me now
	B				 A			 E
I'll drink the blood from your crown of pain, and they'll call us insane

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