Dave Days


Dave Days

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Tom: E
Intro: (E , A , D9) 2x

E             A
You would not believe your eyes
If ten million home supplies
E            A                D9
Appeared and taught me how to live

E                A
I test out every bed
Look! I'm on a movie set
You'd think me straight
A                     D9
I just can't help but frolic

D9     A           E
I like to make myself believe
             D9  A       E  F#
That I could die... here... happy...
D9            A           E                 F#
Everything I'd ever need is right in front of me
D9           A                         E
I think there's something wrong with this TV

D9(let ring)
Nap time...

E                 A         
I take a thousand steps
When do these arrows end
E                      A         D9
Either Deja Vu or I've been here before

E                   A
These employees are jerks
And there arrows don't freaking work
E                              A
Because if they did I wouldn't be asking you
How to get out of here!!

D9     A           E
I like to make myself believe
            D9 A  E      F#
These magic arrows.. help.. me..
D9               A 
With every step I'm lost again
   E                  F#
My legs can't walk no more
D9              A            E
I don't think they have an exit door
How is this a lamp?!?

          A               E
I find it kind of hard to believe
               D9  A             E         F#
That there's a food.. court.. right next.. to me
   D9                A
If I never left how did I get here
E                         F#
I think I saw this in the Twilight Zone once
D9  A              E
Nobody inside made it out!
What are you looking at?!

(Palm Mute)
E            A
My points of latitude and longitude are
30 north 100 west
E              A                    D9
I'll be on the couch that's on your left

D9     A           E
I like to make myself believe
     D9    A    E
That somebody will save me

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