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I Never Made Love

Bob Mcdill

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Tom: C

C         G/C   F/C       C
I used to think I'd been around some. 
Dm7                C/E
I've had some girls in my time 
F G4 G C G/C  F/C         C
I was so sure love didn't matter. 
  Dm7                C/E
I thought it was all in your mind. 
F Gsus G Am   F              G
But you came along girl, and you changed my 
Am        F            G4       G
Now I know how much I'vemissed.  
C                 F       G                  C
I've made some time girl, and I've made some moves. 
               F G4           G
One night stands I've made a few 
C                 F          G                C
I've made some women, but to tell you the truth 
F               C        G              F
I never made love till I made it with you. 
All of my life I took what I wanted 
I never thought about love 
But all of that time something was missing 
and I never knew what it was 
But holdin' you like this I know in my heart 
at last I've found it after all. 

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