Billy Ray Cyrus

Some Gave All

Billy Ray Cyrus

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Tom: Em

Few folks even knew his name 
C                  D 
But a hero yes was he 
He left a boy, came back a man 
Still many just don't understand 
C                        D 
About the reasons we are free 
C                  D                 G 
I can't forget the look in his eyes 
D/F#   Em 
Or the tears he cried 
C                         D 
As he said these words to me 
         G     A         D   Dsus2 
All gave some, some gave all 
           G                              A                    D   D7 
Some stood through for the red, white and blue and some had to fall 
C               D 
And if you ever think of me 
G        D/F#     Em              C 
Think of all your liberties and recall 
Some gave all 
Now Sam 'the Cane' is no longer here 
But his words are oh so clear 
As they echo throughout our land 
For all his friends who gave us all 
Who stood the ground and took the fall 
To help their fellow man 
Love your country, live with pride 
And don't forget those who died 
America can't you see?

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