Tom: D

Verso 1:
Welcome my dear friend

D                                       A#
I noticed you are wearing your armour again

Is it the same as our last fight?

A#                       D  G  A  D
Is it residue from last night?

Verso 2:
Well I guess I have extended it

D                    A#
And I tried to bend it a bit

There's a crack under the chest frame

A#                                  D  G  A  D
And a loose screw on the left steel hand

D   A#   D  A#   D   A#   D   G   A   D

Verso 3:
I have to be patient now

D                       A#
I'll wear this edition somehow

Tell myself that it's alright

A#                                     D  G  A  D
I'll Pick up the loose screws one more time

Verso 4:
'cause this armour's different pieces

D                            A#
Were delivered from different places

With their own delivery dates

A#                       D  G  A  D
I have no choice but to wait

D   A#   D  A#   D   A#   D   G   A   D

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