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She's Going To Make It

Garth Brooks

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Tom: D

{D} He followed her to work this {C} morning {D C G}
{D} He never seen that dress {C} before {D C G}
{D} And she seemed to sail right through those dark clouds {C} formin' {C G}
{D} That he knows he's headed {C} for {D C G}
{D} After seven years of marriage he wanted {C} out
{D} And after seven months of {C} freedom
{D} Its's clear there's no {C} doubt
{D} She's gonna make {G} it, and he never {D} will
He's at the foot of the mountian
She's over the {C} hill
{D} She's gonna make {G} it, and he never {D} will
{chords same as vs1}
And you know it's not like she's forgot about it
She's just dealin' with the pain
And the fact that she survived so well without him
You know it's driving her insane
And the crazy think about it, is she'd take him back
But the fool in him that walked out, it the fool that just won't ask
{repeat CHORUS}

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