Engelbert Humperdinck

Winter World Of Love

Engelbert Humperdinck

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Tom: C

Verso: 1 
    C                 Dm /G 
My love, the days are colder, 
    C                                             G          
So let me take your hand,and lead you through a snowhite land, 
    C      G 
oh oh, oh oh, 
    C               Dm /G 
My love, the year is older, 
    C                                          G      
So let me hold you tight, and while away this winter night, 
    C     G 
oh oh, oh oh. 
Dm         G                  C    Dm            G             C 
I see the fire light in your eyes, Come kiss me now before it dies.

 G     D7  G   C     
We'll find a winter world of love, 
            C                Dm  
'Cos (for) love is warmer in December, 
            G                          G7           C 
My darling stay here in my arms, 'Til summer comes along, 
 G  D7  G   C 
And in the winter world of love, 
     C                    Dm  
You see, we always will remember, 
         G                                                       C 
That as snow lay on the ground, We've found our winter world of love. 

Verso: 2 
  C                     Dm /G 
Because the nights are longer, 
 C                                               G 
We'll have the time to say such tender things before each day, 
   C      G 
oh oh, oh oh, 
     C                Dm /G 
And then when love is stronger, 
  C                                                  G 
perhaps you'll give your heart and promise me we'll never part, 
    C     G 
oh no, oh no. 
Dm                      C6         Dm                    C6 
And at the end of every year, I'll be so glad to have you near.

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