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Storm And Thunder

Earth And Fire

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Tom: Cm

Cm A°7 Fm Cm
Eb Ab Abm

Cm                        A°7
Darkness of the night has gone
  Fm                        Cm
A blackbird sings a song at dawn
Crystal drops of morning dew
are covering all the grass
    Abm                        Cm
The landscape wears its morningdress

The foliage of the wood shines bright
As green as emerald's light
Over the fields vibrating air
causes a faintly glance
Some cows are grazing near a fence

While lowering clouds accumalate
Midges dancing above the lake
The haymakers, they go away
hiding for a storm
A flash of lightening struck

Cm        A°7
Storm and thunder
Fm       Cm
Beat the nature
Eb              Ab
Down gushes the rain
    Abm             Cm
and wind cracks the trees

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